So we’ve decided to homeschool Deuce this coming school year. He’s 9 now. We weren’t unhappy with the education he was getting at his previous school. We’re just looking for something different. Something a little more challenging. I’ve spent the last few months looking into different curriculum. So far we’ve decided on The Good & The Beautiful for language arts. It’s faith based which is important to us. We’re considering Saxon for math but there are soooo many different options for every subject, that the choosing gets overwhelming!! While he’s mentioned that he’ll miss seeing his friends, he’s excited for this new journey. Also, it isn’t like he’ll NEVER see them again. He sees them every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday at church. Not to mention bible quizzing (more about that in another post) starts soon so he’ll also see them there. I understand how important cultivating friendships are and I plan to do everything I can to maintain those connections. 

Our reasons for homeschooling vary. From financial to faith-based to cultural. It was definitely something that my husband and I prayed about before deciding. Now that the decision has been made, we’re all very excited. 

Are their any other homeschool moms/dads that want to weigh in on this subject? Or make recommendations?? Why did your family decide to homeschool? What have you all gained/lost from homeschooling? What curriculum options or books do you suggest?


Summer’s Over

Well it’s that time of year again. Time to get new school shoes and pencils and whatnot. This year Deuce will be going to public school. He went to the Christian Academy last year but his daddy is teaching at a school in a different district so for ease of transportation (we are a one car family) he will be car pooling with dad.

School starting again also means schedules and lists. I’ve had planners in the past and they just haven’t worked for me. So what does one do in that situation? You guessed it. Pinterest! After a late night scroll or twenty I came across an idea that I loved.  I’m calling it The Book. I printed out some calendar sheets I found free online and put them in a three ring black binder. I added notebook paper for prayer lists, menu options, and random notes I might need to write down. I’m still working on a cover design, but I’m definitely digging what I have so far.