Cinnamon Rolls

Made cinnamon rolls tonight. From scratch. I am personally not a fan of using box mixes. There’s just something about working that dough with your own two hands that’s therapeutic…

It wasn’t the recipe I usually use. This recipe said it was a ‘quick’ version. They were right. It took roughly 45 mins to throw together. They tasted great! But I just wasn’t a fan of this particular method. It may work great for someone though so I’ll go ahead and post the link to where I got the recipe so you can try it for yourself…


Sunday Dinner

Made my guys lasagna for dinner. Sr said it tasted “gourmet”. I’ll take it! Lol. We had garlic bread and there were brownies for dessert.


No pictures of the brownies though. Sr got to them rather quickly.  I made them with my (new to me) Kitchen Aid mixer. It was given to me by a really sweet lady in our church. I’m LOVING it and can’t wait to use it this holiday season!