Divide and Conquer

I walked into my bedroom the other day and saw this…

My first thought was how divided it looks. I immediately thought this would make a great blog post. But from what angle?? I snapped this picture and spent a few days thinking on it. Division in your household is never a good thing. How could I make what looks like division into a show of unity? The term ‘Divide & Conquer’ came to mind. See, while spouses may get out of bed on opposite sides, the sheets and blankets showing a visible division, they still stand in unification.

Mark 3:25 says, ‘And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.’

The devil can see even the tiniest bit of division in a marriage and he will try to sneak in there and take advantage of that and widen that gap. That’s where the conquer part comes in. So while yes you guys are getting out of bed on the opposite side, you’re standing in unity to conquer the trials and tribulations of the day.


Current Music Playlist

I know that my handle says ‘housewife’ but i want to be able to contribute some kind of income to my household so I do have a job. It’s awesome! A Christian based before/after care program at my sons school. This is the playlist that is on repeat at the moment…

What are you guys currently listening to?