He Knows…

God is amazing. He knows you. Every single hair on your head. He knows them all. That’s amazing to me! I was thinking about how well God knows me today on my way home from church…I currently attend a church with something like 800 members. We’re still considered ‘new’. I’m a pretty shy person so that can be a bit overwhelming; trying to get to know them all. I’m starting to remember names and faces on sight though…

While I’ve always been a Christian, I wasn’t born Pentecostal. I married into it. My husband attended a VERY small church. By ‘small’, I mean the only members were his family and a close family friend. Ten and half years later it’s still the same. That was my introduction to the truth. I wasn’t receptive at all. I was still pretty young and set in my ways back then so I wasn’t as open to listening. God knew that. Fast forward about 4 years. We moved and we started attending a different church. Basically the same as the first. He had lots of family and close family friends there, but there were also others. I went once, and never went again! A couple years later while I was helping my mother recover from knee surgery, my husband found another church in a different city! He had been going for a while and loved it. When I returned to Texas I agreed to visit though I hadn’t had many great church experiences in the five years it had been at that point. I walked in and knew I was home! However. Haha. It was maybe a month before I visited a second time. This church, located in Port Arthur was bigger than the first but smaller than the second. Everyone was lovely. They made me feel like I was already one of them even though they’d never seen me before. A lady there offered my family a home bible study. She. Was. Persistent. Haha. We said no but she keep asking. Finally my husband said yes and maybe a month later I was baptized in Jesus name! The following week I got the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues! SUCH a great experience! I was a different woman from that point on! 5 years later my husband and I renewed our vows in that church. It was the perfect place for our little family of three.

Then hurricane Harvey happened.

My husband decided he no longer wanted to live on the coast and he had a sister in the Dallas area so that’s where we ended up. Of course, priority number one was to find a new church. He found one via Google and when we visited the first time, we got that ‘welcome home’ feeling that I’d had before. This new church was about 3 times the size of the last one! The one in Port Arthur was a medium sized church. There weren’t as many people so getting to know everyone was much easier. Here it’s going to take a bit longer but we’re getting there thanks to things like the monthly connect groups that are available.

All of these baby steps to get where I am today in my personal walk with God weren’t happenstance. They were planned in His perfect wisdom because he knew exactly what I needed to get where He needed me to be at that moment in my life.

That. Is. Amazing.


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