Sunday Dinner

Made my guys lasagna for dinner. Sr said it tasted “gourmet”. I’ll take it! Lol. We had garlic bread and there were brownies for dessert.


No pictures of the brownies though. Sr got to them rather quickly.  I made them with my (new to me) Kitchen Aid mixer. It was given to me by a really sweet lady in our church. I’m LOVING it and can’t wait to use it this holiday season!


My New Study Bible


Got a King James study bible today! Kind of excited about this. Sometimes (for me at least) reading the KJV bible can be a bit confusing. I haven’t had the opportunity to really get into it yet but I skimmed the beginning. Looks like there’s a lot of historical references and that’ll be fun; reading more about the history and gaining a better understanding of how everyone connects to everyone else.