I’m not dieting, I’m adopting a healthier lifestyle.

A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. My diet was (still is on occasion) not the best. As a housewife I wasn’t as active as I could have been. Even doing housework wasn’t burning calories for me. My skin was awful and I didn’t like what I was seeing in the mirror. I woke up one day and said “No more!” I got in contact with a friend of mine who is a Beach Body coach. I ordered the products and I was on my way. I was walking five days a week, doing cardio dvds a couple times a week. Crunches, wall push-ups, squats ; you name it, I did it. Or at least tried. I lost 10 1/2 inches in my midsection! I was doing really great, then I crashed. Stopped walking, stopped using the dvds.  I went from eating smaller portions, to ignoring portion control all together! That was about a month ago.
While I haven’t gained all of the weight back, I’ve gained some of it. I’m not where I used to be but I can feel myself slipping back that way. My other friend and I are kind of each other’s accountability partner. She really helped me to get back on track. I can’t walk bc the weather here is awful!! It’s been raining everyday for almost two weeks. I have my dvds though so they’ll suffice for now. I’m determined to stick with it this time!

Too many times in our lives when something gets hard, or we’re met with an obstacle that we see as insurmountable, our natural instinct is to quit. Our walk with God can be that way. Maybe you prayed for something and it didn’t happen right away, or didn’t happen the way you wanted. Maybe it didn’t happen at all! In those moments you want to give up on God because you think he’s not listening. He is friend! You just have to be patient and wait on him. He’ll give you WHAT YOU NEED when the time is right!
So here’s to a healthier lifestyle, and a healthier walk with God!


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